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MrHVAC.com was founded in 1998 by James R. Leichter (read biography); a life long contractor who loves the HVAC industry.

We are a management-consulting firm completely dedicated to helping contracting companies (HVAC, plumbing and electrical) become more successful.

Our goal is to make these organizations easier and more enjoyable to operate. We also strive to help these companies compensate their employees properly while producing a healthy profit. We hope to accomplish this by offering effective management products and services to our clients.

We believe the only way dealers can operate a truly successful company, is by working on their company and not in it. Our goal is to help owners make the transition from working in their company to working on their company.

Products and Services

Our consulting services include workshops, business valuations (appraisals), business performance evaluations, and sales/motivational training specifically designed for technicians. We produce custom software applications and web-site development services. We have designed accounting and scheduling software, field service management software, heat gain loss software, labor rate calculators, and flat rate pricing books and software.

We have created a wide range of products to help with this process. These products include sales proposal software, financial analysis software, job descriptions, company policy manuals, service agreement forms, service invoices, sales proposal forms, safety manuals, HVAC policy manuals, HVAC operations manuals, and more.

We also designed the nation’s leading flat rate software program called Flat Rate Plus as well as the award winning Total Office Manager, a service, scheduling, accounting, and mobile field management program. Both of these software programs are sold by Aptora.

Please Check Out This Web Site

This web site is the most robust in the industry. There are more free downloads available here than any other HVAC related web site we know of. You will find free management advice, information, and tips. Download free management materials, forms, and documents. Determine the proper selling price for labor and materials with our powerful on-line calculator. View detailed product descriptions and download product demos. Make purchases using our secure and encrypted web site.

Thank You

Thank you very much for your interest in MrHVAC.com.

We sincerely hope things are going well for you and your family. We know what it is like to run a HVAC service contracting business. We have been there because we have also owned and operated a business that’s likely similar to yours.

We know how “stressed out and freaked out” a person can be running what we believe is one of the country’ toughest business types to operate.

If it’s not employee problems it’s accounting and collections. If it’s not that, it’s sales and marketing or dealing with some dumbbell that is always the cheapest bid in town. To make matters worse, many owners don’t have anyone that they can share their triumphs and horror stories with, some to just vent on. You can’t do that with an employee! Being an entrepreneur can be scary and very lonely.

Yes, we definitely know what you go through each day. So why do we bother? Like you, we have our own reasons to keep pushing forward but one thing is for certain. We must make it worth our while. For some of us that means money. We must make more than we would if we were working an 8 to 5 job.

Our goal is to make your business easier and more enjoyable to operate. No matter what that means to you. Our hope is that the enclosed products will help with that endeavor. Please let us know how we can help you further. Good luck and God bless.


James R. Leichter

Please leave a comment below to tell us how we can help you.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. JamesLeichter says:

    Lots of this information will apply Nick. The first thing I would take advantage of is all of the labor pricing info. All of that applies. Policy manuals, job descriptions, and organization charts all apply too. Some things would have to be tweaked using some imagination. Other things may not apply at all. One method business pioneers use is a cross study of closely related industries. They take ideas from one industry and apply them to their own. The HVAC industry did this with the plumbing industry years ago.

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