Scheduling and Field Management

This page includes policies and procedures related to receiving service calls, entering installation or projects, phone messages, routing sales calls, handling work orders, scheduling, dispatching, customer satisfaction survey, and more.

These forms are fully editable Word documents and a PDF version is included. Word documents are compatible with MS Word 2007 and higher. Each document is contained in a zip file for fast, easy, immediate download. Nothing is shipped and there are no processing fees. Please read our Terms of Usage.

Required Tool List
Required Tool List
Ensure that your technicians arrive at every job site with the proper tools and equipment. With our unique tool list, you can be assured your techs will have what they need in one trip. This product is a complete list of tools needed for service and installation work. It covers Master Mechanics, Technicians, Apprentices, and Installers. We have also included a tool list for plumbers and electricians. Note: The plumbing related tool list does not cover drain cleaning or re-piping. Sure you could type up your own. At this price, is it worth it? Use ours an excellent guide. Sixteen (16) 8 1/2" x 11" pages and over 3600 words. Remember, this kit contains fully formatted MS Word documents. You can change them very easily.
Price: $27.99
Price: $14.99
Service Invoice Kit
Service Invoice Kit
Untitled 1

HVAC Invoice Product Description

We bet that your company wishes it had a better invoice. You just haven't had time to get around to creating one. Well we have. This is one of our most popular documents. This invoice was designed to give your company the most professional image possible. It is detailed and easy to fill out. Properly used, it can reduce call-backs, ease customer price concerns, and much more. We have included several variations that cover flat rate pricing, time & materials, etc. for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries.

Don't use a home-made or generic invoice, when you can use a professional looking Invoice specifically designed for HVAC/R. Many companies using this Invoice report reduced complaints and had fewer call backs.

The professionally designed Invoice Kit is created to demonstrate to the customer that they are investing in a quality HVAC/R product. The Invoice is colorful, complete, and includes important warranty and disclaimer information that can decrease customer complaints and reduce your company's liability. Don't use a home-made invoice that looks unprofessional and doesn't have necessary legal disclaimer and warranty information. Don't use 'generic' forms (NEBBS) that aren't specifically designed for the HVAC/R industry.

Designed by Experienced Consultants

This invoice was specifically designed by experienced and respected HVAC industry consultants to be used by HVAC dealers. This is a colorful, professionally looking form that includes important warranty and disclaimer information. Most of all, it reinforces the impression that the customer is working with a reputable, quality HVAC dealer.

Easy to Implement

The invoice kit is designed to be easily implemented. Don't reinvent the wheel! The kit comes with printed forms, documents on disk, easy-to-read instructions, and a training video created by a respected HVAC consultant. Simply watch the video, read the instructions, modify the documents on disk, print your own custom forms, and you're ready to implement the new invoice system.

Legal Disclaimer

Many HVAC dealers forget to include important warranty and disclaimer information on the invoice form. This professionally designed invoice includes a 'Terms & Conditions' section, which clearly states what is expected from the customer in terms of payment. 'Warranty' section which clearly indicates the terms for the warranty, and when the warranty will be void (for instance, no warranty work shall be rendered for a customer with a past due account). The invoice even includes a thank you letter from your company's president.

Forms are Provided in MS Word Format

The invoice form is provided in a document format that can be opened in Microsoft's Word® (2007 and higher). You don't have to recreate the document - just change the included documents to use your company's name, address, phone numbers, etc.

Perfected Over Years of Use

This invoice kit has been implemented by many companies throughout the USA. The invoice has been modified and perfected over the years. Don't reinvent the wheel! Don't use a home-made or generic form. Use a professionally designed HVAC invoice that will help your company look more professional

Why Use This Invoice?

There are many possible benefits to your company. 1) Your company looks more professional to the customer. 2) Companies using this invoice have reported fewer complaints and reduced call backs. 3) Better legal protection. This form includes important warranty and disclaimer information that might be missing on the invoice you are presently using. 4) It is easy to implement.

More Product Information

You keep saying your company needs proven policies and procedures. Well this is the first place to start. Our custom designed, dealer tested sales invoice strikes the proper balance of being easy to fill out, yet highly informative. You will increase sales with our exclusive Professional Recommendations section. This area allows your technician to make important recommendations or equipment and accessory installation and replacement suggestions. You will reduce callbacks with our technical reference area (below Description of our Service). This area requires your technicians to record information such as amps, volts, super-heat, sub-cooling, ambient temperature, etc. You will increase maintenance agreement sales with our "Preferred Customers Save" line. We also include numerous check boxes designed to collect important information, reduce spelling errors, and reduce time of completion. We provide plenty of room to record task numbers or inventory item numbers. This makes this invoice an excellent choice for both time and materials or flat rate pricing (the better choice).

HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Forms Included

We have included invoices for the HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical industries. These are 100% complete but you can customize them using Microsoft Word(r) (2007 or higher) as needed.

Flat Rate or Time and Materials

We include three small variations of this sales invoice. We also include a similar invoice that was designed specifically for those who use the Time and Materials method.

Invoice Form Terms and Conditions

The reverse side of the professional designed invoice includes a "Thank You" letter as well as an explanation of applicable terms, conditions, warranty information, policies, etc. One of the most important sections includes verbiage explaining your collection policy and demand for interest and collection reimbursement. Most states will not allow you interest or collection costs if this is not on your invoice. If your invoice does not contain these items, you need to get them ASAP, before you live to regret it. The best thing about this invoice is this: If you don’t completely love it, you can change it. We also provide this document in Word 2007 format (you will download it). This is not a PageMaker file or some other expensive and hard to use program. Just open it with Word 2007, type in new things, change colors, make style changes, you name it! Actually, your will receive four different invoices. Each one is a slight variant of the other. This is a great invoice that was designed and tested in my dealership. It has been perfected over many years on HVAC management consulting, all over America. For the price of this thing, you couldn't type this cheap. Please order it today. Just click the button below for guaranteed secure, fast, and easy on-line payment and product download.

Price: $99.99
Price: $49.99
Customer Satisfaction Survey System
Customer Satisfaction Survey System
Most contractors talk about how important customer satisfaction is. They talk about how dedicated they are to keeping customers satisfied. Strangely, most contractors do not bother to survey their customers consistently and in a clear uniform manner. Our CSSS takes care of this problem. We include a well-tested customer satisfaction card that you can customize with your logo and use right away. There is also a tabulation form so that you can track the individual performance of each technician and installer. Full instructions are included. These are fully formatted MS Word documents. They can be edited and personalized in any manner needed.
Price: $199.99
Price: $29.99


2 thoughts on “Scheduling and Field Management

  1. Marilyn says:

    Regarding your maintenance agreement and service invoice. ….are these forms able to be filled out online? In a pdf? We currently use Quickbooks for their invoicing due to ease of use -our service technicians use a tablet and emails the invoice right away (a lot of our customers are out of town while we’re servicing their vacation rentals…)
    We are looking for a maintenance agreement that can be filled out online and emailed…with fillable spaces.

    Thank you, in advance,


    • Melanie Shoemaker says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Our Maintenance Agreement Kit comes with PDFs and editable Word documents, they are not currently able to be filled out online with the way it is set up. You could use a program like Adobe Acrobat to turn the PDFs into forms for your customers. Then you can email the forms, they can fill out online (even sign with e-signatures), without having to print them. Our system would give you a start to what you need but in order to fill them out online you’d have to use something like Adobe Acrobat –

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