Inventory Management

Managing inventory in an HVAC business can be very difficult, time consuming, and expensive. However, if you are a fair sized business and you get it wrong, you can find yourself in big trouble. We know, we have had many clients get into serious financial trouble because their inventory was not being handled properly.

This page includes systems related to creating detailed service and installation truck stock and warehouse inventory stocking lists, purchase orders, inventory adjustments, and inventory related policies and procedures.

These forms are fully editable Word documents and a PDF version is included. Word documents are compatible with MS Word 2007 and higher. Each document is contained in a zip file for fast, easy, immediate download. Nothing is shipped and there are no processing fees. Please read our Terms of Usage.

HVAC Truck Stock and Inventory List
HVAC Truck Stock and Inventory List

HVAC Truck Stock and Inventory List

Finally someone did it. This is a comprehensive HVAC truck stock and inventory list for service, installation, and new construction.

This item list was written in MS Word 2007. This document is about sixteen pages with about seven hundred items. The list is in a table and includes an explanation of the various fields. The same item list is also included in a MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet file and a PDF.

The item fields include a category, standardized item number, well written description, and season (explained below). There is also a space for you to enter the price you expect to pay, the stocking quantity, and the department(s) the item belongs to.

Tip: The Department field is not required if you use Total Office Manager® software since the general ledger is fully departmentalized.

Header Explanation

You can view the product image to the left and see the actual list as viewed in MS Excel. Each of the truck stock list headers are explained below. Please Note: There are no pictures or images of the items included.


This is the item category. The pipe (|) is a separator indicating the hierarchal relationship. Example: Air Treatment | Disposable. “Disposable” is a sub category of “Air Treatment”.

Item Number

Item numbers generally follow the established nomenclature. There should be no spaces or unusual characters.

Item Description

These are multipurpose descriptions (for both purchase and sales) and should not exceed seventy five (75) characters.

S = Season

This is a Season Code and indicates which season(s) the item should be carried on a vehicle. H = Heating season. C = Cooling season. A = year round.

Tip: In many cases “year round” assumes that you are in a heat pump market. Please check the seasons to be sure they fit your needs.


The minimum number of this item that should be in stock at the beginning of each day.

Direct $

This is the expected direct cost (your cost) for the item.


The Department code indicates what department(s) that this item applies to. S = Service. M = Maintenance. I = Installation/Replacement. NC = New Construction. A = All Departments.

Price: $199.99
Price: $99.99


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