HVAC Operations Manual

Complete Operations Manual for the HVAC Contractor

Complete 2700+ page fully editable HVAC Operations Manual at an affordable price. This is the most widely asked for item in our history and it is finally here. Best of all, we are offering it at a low introductory price.

This system includes detailed training materials, federal compliance guides, policies, procedures, forms, templates, and pricing information specific to a residential and light commercial HVAC company. It is totally specific to HVAC and we wrote every bit of it.

Free Downloads and Videos

Download or view a PDF Brochure of this HVAC Operations Manual.

Download or View the 85 Page Table of Contents.

Download your free HVAC Purchase Order system. This is an actual section from the HVAC Operations Manual from Mr. HVAC LLC.

The best way to see how extensive our HVAC Operations Manual is, is to have a look at the various files and folders that are included. This short video takes you through some of those folders and files. View a short video here.

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At a Glance

  • 2650 Pages of Documents
  • 159 Forms and Templates. 204 files in 107 Folders. 78 MB
  • Fully Indexed. Just the Table of Contents Takes 85 Pages
  • Approximately One Million Words
  • Professionally Templated and Completely Editable
  • Includes Everything Mentioned on These Slides and Much More
  • Includes Flat Rate Pricing Books (several labor rates included)
  • Over 500 pages of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • $2500 One Time Fee. No Licensing Fees and No Royalties
  • FREE Priority Order Processing
  • One Year of FREE Updates and Additional Files
  • Written Specifically for the HVAC Industry

12 Sections Included

Section 0: Implementation Guide (approx. 25 pages)
Section 1: Legal Affairs (approx. 200 pages)
Section 2: Office, Building, and IT Management (approx. 50 pages)
Section 3: Bookkeeping and Accounting (approx. 185 pages)
Section 4: Human Resource Management (HR) (approx. 345 pages)
Section 5: Compensation and Payroll (approx. 50 pages)
Section 6: Scheduling and Field Management (approx. 240 pages)
Section 7: Inventory Management (approx. 50 pages)
Section 8: Marketing and Sales (approx. 95 pages)
Section 9: Health, Safety, and Security (approx. 250 pages)
Section 10: Credit and Collections (approx. 30 pages)
Section 11: Service Agreements (approx. 60 pages)

*There are approximately 1000 additional pages that are not printed but on the CD. They include MSDS sheets, flat rate books, guides, and more. Page numbers are subject to change as we update the manual.

Professionally Formatted and 100% User Editable

The entire system is printed on heavy bright white paper. Each manual is presented in a binder so it is easy to edit pages and replace them as needed. Best of all, these professionally formatted documents are included on a CD in MS Word format and they follow all standard MS Word formatting conventions. The owner can open, modify, edit, and print any of these forms and documents as needed.

Training Videos Included

We have setup a play list on our YouTube account. This play list contains various training videos that cover selected content in the HVAC operations manual. These are available on the web for instant play or download.

How to Order or Get More Information

Please call Aptora Corporation (our exclusive distributor). The toll free phone number is 866-2MrHVAC (866-267-4822). They can answer all of your questions and handle everything.

*Please Note: Refunds will not be accepted and all sales are subject to a Terms of Usage Agreement that must be signed prior to shipping the product.

Some Impressive Statistics

You have to be asking yourself these questions: How many pages are there? How many documents are included? How many forms are there?

The following stats are approximate and subject to change but this should give you a pretty good picture of what is included.

  • Pages: 2650
  • Words: Almost 1 Million
  • Forms and Templates: 159
  • Files: 233 files in 111 folders
  • Size of Files: 81 MB

HVAC Franchise Materials at a Fraction of the Price

This is a systematic HVAC management system that is much like what you would receive if you became a member of a first class HVAC franchise. The difference is that a franchise might charge you $25,000 plus a percentage of your annual sales. We offer our system at a fraction of the cost and there are NO ongoing fees or royalties.

The investment is just $2,500.00. That’s less than one dollar per page.

Free Updates

Updates to the system (edits, new forms, and procedures) are available for download for one year at no cost. We will also be posting videos to YouTube on a regular basis.

HVAC Operations Manual Sections and Forms

The following is a list of the sections and the various forms included in this HVAC operations manual. These sections are all included and are not sold separately.

Section 00: Implementation Guide

This is a complete manual on how to implement the system into your specific company. There is a list of priorities and lots of advice on how to get started.

Included Forms

Comprehensive Implementation Checklist
How to Establish Priorities Checklist

Section 1: Legal Affairs

Covers legal matters pertaining to corporate and general business issues such as which Federal laws apply to you and how to comply with them. Protecting your company with the appropriate copyrights and trademarks are important and are well covered here. The manual explains business types and how to select a business or corporate structure. Copyrights and trademarks are covered and the related forms are included.

Included Forms

Agreement Applicability Chart
Carbon Monoxide Policy
Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Statement
Copyright Manual (from USPTO)
Copyright Application (from USPTO)
Department of Labor Offices by State
Disclosure and Release Form
Drug Testing Consent Form
Employment Agreement
Employment Disclosure and Release Form
Employment Policy Manual Acknowledgement
Equipment Inspection Policy
Fair Labor Standards Act Poster
Furnace Inspection Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement Checklist
Invoice and Sales Proposal Terms and Conditions
Legal Agreements and Forms
Minimum Rest Period by State under FLSA
No Refrigerant Venting Policy
Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation, & Non-Compete Agreement
Notice of Right to Cancel Transaction
Sample Articles of Corporation
Sample Corporate By-Laws
Sample Meeting of Stock Holders
Trademark Manual (from USPTO)
Worker Retraining and Adjustment Act Poster

Section 2: Office, Building, and IT Management

This manual includes general office policies, rules and procedures regarding building management, as well as plenty of good information on computer security, maintenance, and networking issues.

Included Forms

ADA Compliance Guide
Basic Windows Networking Test
Building Cleaning Checklist
Building Maintenance Checklist
Cleaning Supply List
Computer and Networking Checklist
Computer Data Protection Checklist
Office Task Sheet
Paper Shred Poster
Recycle Poster
Recycling Checklist and Poster
Schedule of Training and Meetings
Telephone Scripts

Section 3: Bookkeeping and Accounting

This manual explains the basics of bookkeeping and how to process accounts payable and accounts receivable. Year end procedures and tax issues are covered. There is also a forty five page “basics of accounting” manual called Simple Accounting Principles for the HVAC Contractor. We wrote this specifically for the HVAC industry.

Included Forms

Basic Accounting 1 Test
Basic Accounting 2 Test
Bookkeeping Security and Theft Prevention Checklist
Department and Division List (profit centers)
Depreciation Schedules
Financial Ratios and Analysis (extensive)
HVAC Chart of Accounts
HVAC Division and Department List
Job Costing and Estimate Worksheet (detailed)
Paperless Folder File Structure (folders needed for electronic document management)
Purchase Order
Simple Accounting Principles for the HVAC Contractor (a complete manual)
QuickBooks Import File for Chart of Accounts (iif)

Section 4: Human Resource Management (HR)

This is one of the core sections and deals with employee related matters. It is a very extensive section and contains an employment policy manual, organization chart, job descriptions, federal laws, employment posters, and more. There are numerous policies, procedures, and forms related to hiring, employee reviews, and firing.

Included Forms

Application for Employment
Basic Reasoning Test
Certificates of Appreciation
Confidentiality Non-Solicitation Agreement
Co-Worker Annual Review Checklist
Declaration of Tardiness
DOL Contact List by State
Drug Testing Consent Form
Employee or Independent Contractor Checklist
Employment Flyer
Employment Goals and Objectives Checklist
Employment Policy Manual
Equal Opportunity Employment Poster
Example Employment Classified Ad
Family and Medical Leave Act Poster
Firing Procedures Checklist
General Logic and Reasoning Skills Test
Hiring Procedures Checklist
HVAC Business Organization Chart
HVAC Job Descriptions
Illegal Reasons for Firing Employees List
Job Interview Question Checklist
Minimum Wage Poster
OSHA Poster
Personality Characteristics Evaluation
Polygraph Protection Poster
Pre-Employment Questionnaire
Reasoning through Deduction Test
Refrigerant Venting Policy
Service Technician Post-Employment Technical Skills Test
Service Technician Pre-Employment Test
Spelling Test
Technician Compensation Placement Chart
Time off Request
Uniformed, Services, Employment and Reemployment Poster
Workers Compensation Poster
Workers with Disabilities Act Poster
Written Reprimand
Written Reprimand and Notification

Section 5: Compensation and Payroll

Performance Based Compensation is covered as well as flat rate pay, book time pay, bonuses, companywide spiffs, and profit sharing. This section also contains extensive information regarding employment laws and how to comply with them. This section does not contain information on how to create a paycheck.

Included Forms

Co-Worker Bonus Guide (Spiffs)
Installation Technician Compensation Plan
Installation Technician Compensation Plan
Payroll Time Journal (Time Sheet) – Installation Technician
Payroll Time Journal (Time Sheet) – Service Technician
Sales Person Compensation Plan
Sales Person Expectation Checklist
Sales Person Gross Profit Margin Goal Sheet
Service Technician Compensation Plan
Service Technician Flat Rate Compensation Agreement
Service Technician Time and Materials Compensation Agreement

Section 6: Scheduling and Field Management

This section covers scheduling sales calls, maintenance, service calls, and installations. There is a complete set of scripts for your service and installation technicians including exactly how to present themselves to the client (customer). You also receive a complete set of HVAC flat rate pricing books for your service department. Three different labor rates are included. We have included our Customer Satisfaction Survey System so that you will be able to survey your clients.

Included Forms

Breakeven Calculation Worksheet (MS Word®)
Breakeven Calculation Worksheet (MS Excel®)
Complete Flat Rate Pricing Book in MS Word – $100hr (about 250 pages)
Complete Flat Rate Pricing Book in MS Word – $125hr (about 250 pages)
Complete Flat Rate Pricing Book in MS Word – $150hr (about 250 pages)
Complete Flat Rate Pricing Book in PDF – $100hr (about 250 pages)
Complete Flat Rate Pricing Book in PDF – $125hr (about 250 pages)
Complete Flat Rate Pricing Book in PDF – $150hr (about 250 pages)
Customer Proposal Request (Sales Lead)
Customer Proposal Request (Sales Lead) Tabulation Form
Customer Satisfaction Card
Customer Satisfaction Tabulation
Energy Savings Worksheet
Flat Rate Repair Task Worksheet
Flat Rate Service Call Presentation Checklist
Installation Job Quality Checklist
Office Procedures Checklist
Parts Mark-Up Table
Production Activity Log
Replacement Decision Worksheet
Service Department Hourly Labor Rate Card
Service Flat Rate Pricing Guide
Service Invoice (flat rate pricing – several variations)
Service Invoice (time and materials – several variations)
Service Labor Pricing Worksheet
Service Technician Invoice Presentation Checklist
Telephone Scripts (handling incoming calls)
Time and Materials Service Call Presentation Checklist
Vehicle Inspection Worksheet

Section 7: Inventory Management

This section contains general inventory policy, bar code information, purchase orders, and other management information. There is an inventory list for your service trucks, installation vehicles, and main warehouse (master inventory item list).

The master inventory list can be imported into your favorite software program such as QuickBooks® Enterprise, Total Office Manager®, Microsoft Dynamics GP®, Sage ERP MAS 200 SQL®, and others.

Included Files

Initial Inventory Procedures Checklist
Installation Truck Inventory List
Inventory Stocking Procedures Sheet
Maintaining the Inventory System Checklist
Master Inventory List
Purchase Order
Service Truck Inventory List

Section 8: Marketing and Sales

Marketing, advertising, and salesmanship are covered in this section. We cover branding, logos, slogans, and elevator pitches. There is a list of 112 specific marketing and advertising ideas that you can implement quickly. We have also built a comprehensive sales manual complete with scripts, pricing models, sales proposals, and a lot more.

Included Forms

112 Marketing Ideas Checklist
Client Comfort Survey
Energy Savings Worksheet
Exclusive Replacement Warranty
Features vs. Benefits Sheet
Google AdWords® Manual (reprint of public info)
How to Make the Sale Checklist
HVAC Systems Sales Proposal
Marking Collateral Checklist
Risk-Free Comfort System Warranty
Sales Assessment and Skills Sheet
Sales Presentation Checklist
Sample Sales Proposal Cover Letters

Section 9: Health, Safety, and Security

This important manual includes posters, federal compliance information, information about staying healthy in the workplace, personal safety and security, and specific safety policies.

Included Forms

Accident Report
American with Disabilities Act Checklist
Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS – Extensive (1242 pages)
Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS – Simplified (specific to inventory list)
OSHA Compliance Checklist
Safety Checklist
Safety Equipment List
Safety Rules and Guidelines Sheet
Sample Emergency Instructions
Warning Signals of Workers Compensation List
Workers Compensation Checklist

Section 10: Credit and Collections

This section contains policies on granting credit, terms & conditions, legal information related to complying with federal law, and form letters.

Included Forms

Collection Procedure Checklist
Hiring a Collection Agency or Law Firm Checklist
Mechanics Lien Waver
Sample Collection Letters (Total of 6)
Sample Credit Terms

Section 11: Service Agreements

This is an entire service agreement system from start to finish. It includes policies, specific procedures, sales and marketing, forms, and pricing tables.

Included Forms

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Checklist
Complete System Tune-Up Checklist (Several Variations)
Furnace Tune-Up Checklist
Heat Pump Tune-Up Checklist
Sample Renewal Letter
Sample Service Agreement Policy
Sample Service Agreement Pricing
Sample Service Agreement Sales Letter
Selling Service Agreement Checklist
Service Agreement Program Set-Up Checklist
Service Agreement Template (Several Variations)
Technician Tune-Up Procedures
Waiver of Legal Liability for Unsafe Working Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it?

A: Your total investment is just $2500. That is a one time fee. There are no licensing fees and no royalties of any kind. UPS Ground shipping is free. Processing takes three (3) business days. We print them in small batches so the information is up to date.

Q: How do I order or get more information?

A: Please call the Aptora Corporation (our exclusive distributor). The toll free phone number is 866-2MrHVAC (866-267-4822).

Q: Do you offer refunds on this product?

A: No. This is proprietary HVAC franchise material. There are no refunds. Keep in mind, there are no ongoing fees and no royalties. You own these materials subject to the Terms of Usage Agreement.

Q: Do you sell individual sections of this system?

A: No. You must invest in all twelve sections. Each section is interrelated to the next. Another option is to purchase the various products on this website as needed. For example, you could buy the sales proposal kit, service invoice kit, service agreement system, employment policy manual, HVAC job descriptions, truck stock list, etc. These management systems are very similar to what is found in our HVAC Operations Manual.

Q: Do you have an operations manual for the plumbing or electrical industry?

A: No. It would be relatively easy to modify this system for those industries though. You will use our templates to create a sales proposal, technical testing, modified job descriptions, modified organization chart, modified inventory list, and a few other details.

Q: Does the HVAC operations manual apply to both commercial and residential?

A: This manual was designed for residential and light commercial companies. If you do heavy commercial work, the vast majority of the manual should still apply.

Q: Does the HVAC operations manual apply to union companies?

A: We did not design the operations manual with unionized companies in mind.

Q: Will this operations manual work for a HVAC company in Canada?

A: Yes. We think that it should. The legal section is probably the only section that will contain elements that do not apply in Canada. Issues related to the selection, registration, and maintenance of business entities such as corporations will not apply in Canada. We also cover compliance with relative federal laws, regulations, and certain state laws that will not apply to Canada.

Documents related to forming corporations and complying with certain laws will not be correct for your Country. However, the Legal section’s content will still serve as an excellent template for your company. For example, the Legal section contains certain USA federal forms. Their Canadian equivalents can be easily downloaded from the internet and replaced.

Q: Is flat rate pricing included?

A: Yes. We offer several flat rate books with different labor rates as MS Word and PDF documents. No software is included.

Q: Is performace based compensation included?

A: Yes. A complete customizable system is included.

Q: Can we make changes to this system?

A: Yes. The system was written primarily using MS Word 2007. If you can use MS Word 2007 (or above), you will be able to easily make changes.

Q: Is training and or consulting available?

A: Yes but it is not included. You may purchase consulting time as needed. We can also provide onsite consulting and implementation for your business. Call for details.

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