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hvac flat rate pricingPreviously, Mr. HVAC sold the Flat Rate Plus® (HVAC flat rate pricing software and flat rate books) software program on this website. We have stopped doing that in favor of offering a more informational website. The only place to buy Flat Rate Plus flat rate software is from Aptora Corporation. Please check out their website.

Flat Rate Plus is America’ #1 flat rate software program. It was designed by James R. Leichter for use in his own HVAC business. It is one of the best known programs of its kind. This software is ready to go, right out of the box. Flat Rate Plus includes thousands of repairs for HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing systems. Both residential and light commercial are well covered. Repairs are 100% customizable. Users can update pricing and change almost any aspect of their flat rate book anytime they wish. The software offers a onetime fee and there are no ongoing charges or surprises.

There is a great user manual, training videos, and American based technical support who really know their stuff.

  • Fully Updated and Revised
  • Now Includes 1 year of Support
  • Top Selling Flat Rate Software
  • Money Back if not Thrilled

Get your company on flat rate pricing before the hot weather arrives. Flat rate pricing is the key to making a reasonable profit on service work.

Please check out Aptora’s website for more information or call them direct at 877-232-7978.

What is Flat Rate Pricing?

Flat rate pricing is also known as fixed rate pricing, assured pricing, and goes by other names. It’ all about offering a firm fixed price, up front, before any work begins. Contractors do this all of the time. In fact, each time you write up a sales proposal or otherwise offer a “quote”, you are flat rating.

Approximately 35% of the HVAC and plumbing industry uses flat rate pricing in their service departments. Essentially 100% already use it in their installation and maintenance departments. The electrical industry seems to be slow in adopting flat rate while the plumbing industry seems to have embraced flat rate pricing first.

Flat rate pricing is nothing new. It’s been around about as long as money has. It is certainly not unique or unusual. Many industries use it including dry cleaners, tax preparation, accountants, auto repair, TV and VCR repair, computer service, copier service, computer programming, home warranties and so on. Even manufacturers use it to pay their dealers to perform warranty repairs. In fact, you will see all kinds of companies bragging that they now offer flat rate pricing (from a cell phone company to the United States Postal Service).

That’ because it makes sense. T&M is actually more unusual and less popular than flat rate pricing. Have you ever bought a home, car, or even a meal on T&M? There are many still clinging to T&M.

Either out of fear or ignorance, some seam against flat rate pricing. That’s ironic because many of these people personally demand flat rate pricing when they buy goods and services.

How to Order the Flat Rate Pricing Software

To invest in Flat Rate Plus, please call Aptora at 866-296-9700 or visit their website. Please mention that you saw Flat Rate Plus at Mr. HVAC’s website.


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  1. crystal says:

    I would like to pay my install crews with a flat rate pay system, but I am having trouble a finding software program. Do you have something in this catigory?

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