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Do you find yourself completing estimates or invoices on paper in the field, only to have the office waste time entering the same data later? Do you call the office to get pricing (that is already in your system) for your invoices or estimates when you could easily look it up yourself on a mobile device?

Aptora’s owner, James Leichter – known in the industry as “Mr. HVAC” – ran a service business for 20 years and faced the same frustrations you deal with every day. Time is money – and all those hours of double entry can really take a toll on your bottom line! Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Does your dispatcher wish they could send work orders electronically and view technician progress without wasting time on the phone or sending emails?
  • Could you save $100s every month in gas by cutting your trips in half and completing remote estimates (and even close the business!) in the field during your first vistit?

If you’re ready to ditch the paperwork and experience a truly mobile office? Perhaps you should consider…

Built by a former HVAC contractor – turned software programmer – turned business consultant, Aptora Mobile II is part of the #1 Rated Business Management & Accounting Software and has been serving the Service Industry for over 18 years – with 16,000+ customers nationwide!

Aptora Mobile II™ Can Help Your Business

  1. Empowers Your Field Technicians! Ensures your technicians have all the information they need – schedule board access, warranty and inventory information, pricing and more! – without delays from constant calls or trips to the office – allowing greater speed, better customer satisfaction and more jobs (more revenue!).
  2. Eliminates Double Entry. Work orders, estimates, new services and inventory, invoices, warranty serial numbers, and payments are entered in the field and automatically synced with the office. No paper, no chicken scratch notes, no lost (or modified) invoices, fewer paper checks and bank visits, and no painful or overtime data entry at the end of an already long day – it is 100% electronic from end-to-end.
  3. Provides Comprehensive Remote Office Access. Securely view and assign your sales leads, see new customers, inventory levels, bank balances, your next day’s appointments, profit per technician, even remote technician activity – everything you want to know remotely on your mobile phone or tablet… without returning or staying late at the office.

You can get more information here. This includes the ability to watch a set of videos and get your hands on a complete working trial of the software for free.

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