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This is a user friendly,  fast, and accurate whole-house heat load/gain calculator. It is used for figuring residential and simple commercial heating and air conditioning loads (equipment sizing). This software is very popular.

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20 thoughts on “Easy Load Calc

  1. César says:

    I’m interested in your software Easy Load Calc. If I purchase the software, can it be installed in two computers at a diifferent time? Let’s say. I purchase the software and after delivery I install it in one computer. Can I install later the software in another computer ?

    • admin says:

      This is sold on our website as a download link, the download link will be e-mailed to you upon receipt of payment. The product also includes a user manual in PDF format. Thank you!

  2. Colin McCubbin says:

    In the description you write “annual hating and cooling costs,” 😉

    BTW You are cutting out some 25% of potential customers, (myself included) by failing to make an OS independent program. My company for example won’t allow anything Windoze in the office, we use Linux (Ubuntu and/or Mint) both of which are free, and don’t make Mr. Gates any richer! Users of Macs probably feel the same.

    • JamesLeichter says:

      Hello. We have a free browser based version of the Easy Load Calc on our website. With regard to creating a version for Linus, it would not make economic sense. The potential market is too small. The cost of developing and then maintaining the software plus the increased technical support costs (hardware and training) would make the venture cost prohibitive. It is a $100 program that was designed for an industry of 47,000. If we sold 5000 at $100 (which would never happen); it would not be worth it. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Tami says:

    What is the difference between this and the free app on your website?
    Thank you very much, by the way, for a wealth of education that is comprehensible to the consumer.

    • JamesLeichter says:

      This software program installs on your desktop. You can enter and save client information. You can save load calculations and edit or “save as”. The reports are more robust. The are utilities to perform ROI (return on investment) calculations allowing clients to see the future payback of a proposed HVAC system.

  4. K P U Panicker says:

    Do you have a complete package for HVAC system and what is the cost for that?
    Do you have a package for Tablet computers and how much is the cost?

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