Motivational Speaking

Have you attended one of our seminars and said to yourself, “that sounds really great, I wish my service technicians and others heard it too?

Well now they can. We’ll bring the seminar to you! We even customize the content to meet your company’s individual needs.


“James Leichter changed my husbands way of thinking. Yes for two years I said the same things, but it takes a meeting away from the office and field, and a man. A good man like Jamie with wit and knowledge to present the industry the way it truly is. Thanks for him and your site for a better way of life.”

-Louise Mack (Aladdin Heating and Cooling)
I attended one of Jamie’s sessions today in Chicago. I was very impressed with his presentation. He is by far the best speaker I have heard in a long time and maybe ever. I have been in the business for thirty years and thought I had heard it all. I agree with and practice a lot of what he said today. I thought I was the only one with some of these ideas.”

Our Requirements

  • We provide clients (distributors) with master copies of all class materials and request that they prepare the materials for all participants.
  • Please provide us with a flip chart, markers, white projector screen (or suitable light colored wall), and a small table.


  1. One-day workshops generally run from 8 to 4 PM with four 15 minute breaks and one lunch break. Most of these seminars can be shortened to meet special needs.
  2. We do not sell partial days unless otherwise noted.
  3. Don’t see anything you need? We can create custom courses for you. Please let us know what you would like and we will create an outline for your approval.
  4. *Your investment includes any two workshops. Half-day workshops are 3.5 hours long. The fee covers two workshops. You may select just one but a full-day consulting fee always applies.
  5. We also offer a wide range of books, reference materials and software. Attendees will be offered a discount on other products.
  6. We provide clients with master copies of class materials and request that they prepare the materials for all participants. Please provide us with a flip chart, overhead projector, white projector screen and a small table.
  7. Our fees is $3,000.00 per day plus customary standard travel and living expenses. Two or more one-day workshops may be combined and held consecutively for a reduced fee of $2,750.00 per day. Four-day workshops may be divided into two, two-day sessions.
  8. Travel and living expenses are not included and will be billed separately with no markup.
  9. We require 50% of the investment as a down payment before the service is performed. We ask that the remaining balance be paid after the service is complete.

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