Workshops & Seminars

Mr. HVAC offers a wide variety of classes, seminars, and workshops for the HVAC industry. They are all taught by James Leichter. We welcome not-for-profit organizations, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers to sponsor or COOP these events. Please contact us.

Each class includes a PDF brochure that describes the seminar in detail. Click on the link to open in a new browser or right click and “Save as”.


“James, I had to write to you personally to thank you for spending time with our dealers. As always, you were excellent. I have yet to meet a speaker/consultant who can inspire people to achieve more in the way you do. I must say I have the utmost respect for your talent and for you personally. You are absolutely an inspiration to me!”

“I attended one of Jamie’s sessions today in Chicago. I was very impressed with his presentation. He is by far the best speaker I have heard in a long time and maybe ever. I have been in the business for thirty years and thought I had heard it all. I agree with and practice a lot of what he said today. I thought I was the only one with some of these ideas.”

“I have been in the trade for 24 years and have attended numerous seminars. James simply explained why we’re not making money. James has changed my life and countless others”.

Performance Based Compensation

Motivate Your Coworkers by Rewarding Profitable Work

Learn how to easily implement a Performance-Based Compensation program for your service technicians, installers, and administrative personnel. This class is a best seller!


High-Performance Selling in a 20 SEER World

How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

The government forced 20 SEER mandate threatens to turn our industry upside down. Differentiation will be harder than ever. How do you plan to separate yourself from every other contractor offering the “same” installation?


How to Double Your Service Profits

This is an ABSOLUTE Must Attend Workshop for Any Contractor!

This workshop will teach you how to easily calculate the proper selling price on service calls (diagnostic fees), labor, equipment, and materials. Most of our attendees are horrified to find out that they often sell work for BELOW their cost. This is our most popular seminar.


Management & Sales for the Small HVAC Contractor

An Intensive One Day Workshop Designed Specifically for the Small Contractor

A class specifically designed for the small HVAC business owner who is working to get out of the field and organize their company. Learn the fundamentals of management and sales!


Double Your Replacement Sales

How to Beat Out the Low-Priced Competition and Increase Profit Margins!

If 60% of your HVAC sales are basic equipment, such as 13 SEER condensing units and 80% standard furnaces, then you are not a salesperson you are a bidder! You need this class. We will teach you proven effective sales techniques without all of the hype and high-pressure you should be sick of.


Finance and Accounting for the Contractor

An Intensive Four Day Workshop Designed Specifically for the HVAC Industry

For managers, business owners, and technicians with non-financial backgrounds, learn the financial jargon, standard practices, and everyday application of accounting and financial analysis.


Flat Rate Pricing Workshop

With Flat Rate Pricing, You Can Double Your Service Profits While Increasing Customer Satisfaction.

We are the makers of the nation’s top flat rate pricing solution for the HVAC/R, Plumbing, and Electrical, industry. We know that there is a lot of interest in flat rate pricing but many dealers are confused about what flat rate pricing really is. This fast-paced workshop will provide your dealers with easy and practical solutions that will increase their profits. We call this workshop How To Double Your Service Profits.

Higher Tech Sales, A Diagnostic Approach

A Workshop Designed Specifically for Techs and Owners Still Working in the Field.

A class specifically designed for the small heating and air conditioning business owner who is still working in the field and wants to organize their service company. Learn the fundamentals of field service management and sales!


How to Acquire & Retain Great Coworkers

A Powerful One-Day Seminar! Recruit, Inspire, and Motivate Your Coworkers.

Finding qualified personnel has reached a crisis point for America’ HVAC dealers. New and powerful competitors such as the consolidators may put those who do not overcome this challenge out of business. This class is for managers, business owners, and technicians who do not have formal training in human resource management.


Creating and Implementing an Employment Policy Manual

How to Ensure Your Employees Know What to Expect

In this day and age when everyone is very “sue happy” you must ensure that all of your employees know what the company’ position is on a number of issues relating to work.  A “rule book” is essential to getting the most out of your co-workers. Includes free employment policy manual written in MS Word (fully editable).


Retail Pricing and Job Costing

This is an ABSOLUTE Must Attend Workshop for any Contractor!

This workshop will teach you how to easily calculate the proper selling price on service calls (diagnostic fees) labor, equipment, sub-contractors, and materials. Most of our attendees are horrified to find out that they often sell work for BELOW their cost.


Seminar Fees

  1. Our fees are $3,000.00 per day plus customary standard travel and living expenses. Two or more one-day workshops may be combined and held consecutively for a reduced fee of $2,500.00 per day. Four-day workshops may be divided into two, two-day sessions.
  2. Travel and living expenses are not included and will be billed separately with no markup.
  3. We require 50% of the investment as a down payment before the service is performed. We ask that the remaining balance be paid after the service is complete. We will bill you for the travel expenses later.

Seminar Notes

  1. One-day workshops generally run from 9 to 4 PM with four 15 minute breaks and one lunch break. Most of these seminars can be shortened to meet special needs. This is all very flexible.
  2. We do not sell partial days unless otherwise noted.
  3. Don’t see anything you need? We can create custom courses for you. Please let us know what you would like and we will create an outline for your approval.
  4. *Your investment includes any two workshops. Half-day workshops are 3.5 hours long. The fee covers two workshops. You may select just one but a full-day consulting fee always applies.
  5. We also offer a wide range of books, reference materials, and software. Attendees will be offered a discount on other products.
  6. We provide clients with master copies of class materials and request that they prepare the materials for all participants. Please provide us with a flip chart, overhead projector, white projector screen and a small table.