HVAC Consulting & Coaching

While in the classroom, sometimes an owner will tell us they love many of our suggestions but, for what ever reason, just don’t think that they can get them done in their company.

That’s where we come in.

By serving as a consultant and business coach, we act like your off-site General Manager. Through a series of monthly visits and regular phone calls, we can get things done. This program is very comprehensive and very demanding. It is not recommended for everyone. In fact, we turn down far more potential consulting clients than we accept. This is a complicated subject, please call us for a free and completely confidential consultation.


James, I had to write to you personally to thank you for spending time with our dealers. As always, you were excellent. I have yet to meet a speaker/consultant who can inspire people to achieve more in the way you do. I must say I have the utmost respect for your talent and for you personally. You are absolutely an inspiration to me!”

I attended one of Jamie’s sessions today in Chicago. I was very impressed with his presentation. He is by far the best speaker I have heard in a long time and maybe ever. I have been in the business for thirty years and thought I had heard it all. I agree with and practice a lot of what he said today. I thought I was the only one with some of these ideas.”

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