Business Evaluations

Let Us Perform a Detailed Onsite Analysis of Your Business Operations


Are you ready to take your business to the next level of performance, organization, and profitability? Let Mr. HVAC visit your company, examine your operations, interview key personnel, and coach you and your coworkers to the next level.

Let our experts examine your business operation with a one or two day onsite visit. We have helped hundreds if not thousands of companies become more successful. Please let us do the same for you.

Our experts will make recommendations designed to make your company more profitable and easier to operate. Here are the basics of how this service works. We will fax you a detailed questionnaire. Ownership and/or key management will fill out this questionnaire. You will be asked to mail us financial documents, tax returns, marketing materials, and other materials that our consultants may request. We will analyze this material and recommend a one-day or two-day visit to your company. The comprehensive evaluation will be scheduled and travel arrangement will be made. We will conduct telephone interviews with ownership and/or management prior to our visit. We should have a clear understanding of your situation as well as specific goals for our visit.

One or more people will visit your company. Your business operations will be studied. Key personnel will be interviewed. Materials will be carefully examined. The entire process will take one day to perform. We will prepare a detailed Consultant’ Report, which will include information, detailed recommendations, and analysis. We may also include forms, procedures, price lists, etc., as needed. For a two-day visit, we will meet with ownership/management the following day to discuss our findings. We may also need to reexamine certain documents, ask more questions, and speak to additional personnel. Our verbal presentation of the report will take the entire day.

In the case of a one-day event, we will prepare our report, in our offices, and go over our findings via the telephone at a latter time. The report will be faxed to you and a “hard copy” will be mailed to you.

Please understand that a one or two day visit has its limitations. We cannot hire or fire. We cannot spend time teaching people accounting, sales, etc. We can only get you on the right path. You must be responsible for action. However, if you are highly motivated and ready to take your company to the next level, our comprehensive business evaluation may be just the thing that you need.

Our fees is $3,000.00 per day plus customary standard travel and living expenses. We require 50% of the investment as a down payment before the service is performed. We ask that the remaining balance be paid after the service is complete.

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