Need a trainer for your dealer base? Look no further!!!

I am James R. Leichter and I bet that I am a LOT like your clients (dealers). I have been in this industry for over 30 years. I am a “technician turned dealer” like I am sure many of your dealers are. I am the kind of person your dealers need to get them where they need to be. I know of no one else that can relate more personally to your dealer base. I know them and their fears better than anyone else.

My consulting firm,, Inc., specializes in helping the small to medium size contractor. We offer seminars, books, forms, software, and an extensive library of video tape training systems.

5 Reasons to Choose Us:

  1. Other Trainers May Not Relate to Your Audience-I Am the Audience
    I have been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. My “working class turned business class” career means that I know what’ best for your dealers. I know their fears and I know what their priorities should be. My background means that I have a very unique perspective on training.
  2. Most Trainers Go Above the Heads of the Audience
    Most trainers make the mistake of over teaching. Your dealers are only absorbing a small percentage of what is being taught. That’ why they are not making significant changes when they get back to their offices. Don’t believe me? Just ask your dealers! Look at their operations! I know how to speak to them because I am one of them.
  3. Custom Class Material
    My material is not “one size fits all”. Using our exclusive Dealer Grading System, I teach according to the level of my audience. I use real life industry specific examples; not text book examples.
  4. Your Dealers Need Inspiration
    Often times, change is not a matter of knowledge it is a matter of overcoming fear. My style of teaching is motivational and inspirational. It is never condescending. I can help your dealers overcome their fear. Once I tell them WIFM (what’ in it for them) I tell them how to do it. This helps to assure they actually make changes.
  5. No Sales Pitches
    Our classes include everything your dealers need to accomplish the goals we establish in class. You dealers will not be pressured or required to buy anything else. Additional purchases are not required and your dealers will not be subjected to an “infomercial”. I simply educate and motivate!