HVAC Sales Person Ad

The idea behind this particular ad is to look for service technicians and or installation people who might be looking for a career change. Whether is a sore back or bad knees, many of us realize we can’t service calls and work in crawl spaces forever. These are the type of people this ad is targeting.

You don’t need to spend money on a display ad. A standard classified “word only” ad should be fine. You should insert this ad in any section that a technician may go to look for an open position.

You should also post this ad on CraigsList. It’ free so you don’t have anything to lose. Don’t forget to post this ad on your company’ bulletin board.

Please proof read and modify as necessary. You will need to add your own equipment brand, contact name, phone number, and company name. Be sure to change the “We are the largest, award winning <your brand> dealership in the area” part of the ad to fit your own company’s bragging rights.

It is vital that they be given a contact/interviewer name. Is the income reasonable? Change if needed. Don’t mention guaranteed salary though. However, you must include an income amount. Remember that you are attempting to persuade those who have ever even thought of making a job change. Remind your interviewer that these prospects will be somewhat apprehensive about doing something that is new to them. If they are a good prospect, you will want to be certain to do some reassuring.

Would you like a new career? Do you enjoy talking with people? Do you have good organization skills? If you have a few years of experience installing or repairing HVAC equipment, we will train you to become a successful sales consultant. No sales experience necessary. Salary with a generous commission on sales. A first year income of $40,000 or more is a very reasonable expectation. We are the largest, award winning <your brand> dealership in the area. Don’t wait! Call Bob Henderson at 555-555-5555 for a personal interview. Call today. Your Air Conditioning Inc.


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