Free Sales Presentation Resources

We’re glad you decided to take advantage of our free HVAC related sales presentation materials. Click each of the links below. You will find a concise informative article. Each topic usually includes a free download (like a MS Word document or PDF form) and a short YouTube video.

We are adding materials, downloads, and videos on a regular basis. This site is very active so please check back often.

Are You A Salesperson Or Bidder? – A very simple questions and answer sheet designed to help you determine whether or not you are a real salesperson.

What Compels The Client To Buy – You need to understand what motivates the client (customer) to make a purchase to be effective.

Ten Reasons Why You Did Not Get The Sale – Why did the client choose someone else? This document will help you find out.

Coworker Bonus Guide – Sample of various “spiffs” or bonuses that dealers are encouraged to pay their service and installation technicians.

Sales Presentation Tips – Improve your closure rates with these easy-to-use tips. Print them out and use them!

Features Verses Benefits – This chart lists common comfort system features and the actual benefit that they provide to the customer. Professional sales people talk benefits and not features. Use this sheet to change your vocabulary.

Establish Rapport With The Customer – Customer relations mean everything. This document gives you easy tips on how to make a great first impression and improve relations with your customers.


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