Free Pricing and Financial Information

Thank you for looking over our free HVAC related pricing and financial documents. Click each of the links below to discover ways to better understand your company’s financial numbers. Each topic generally includes a free download (like a MS Word document or PDF form) and a short YouTube video.

We are adding materials, downloads, and videos on a regular basis. This site is very active so please check back often.

HVAC Accounting and Bookkeeping Terms: This is a PDF documents with lots of common accounting and bookkeeping terms related to the HVAC industry.

Example Income Statement: Compilation of the top 20% of all of the companies that MrHVAC has visited. You’re company should strive to “look” like this. This document also serves as an excellent example of how to format an Income Statement.

Example Balance Sheet: Demonstrates proper formats that may be used by HVAC sales and service companies.

Strategic Parts Multiplier Table: An absolute must document for your company. Indicates how to properly markup parts and materials. Very popular.

Business and Employer’s Tax Calendar: This calendar covers various due dates of interest to employers. Very popular.

Breakeven Analysis: We explore the Contribution Method of breakeven analysis. This formula will calculate your breakeven price, quantity, and volume.

Financial Ratios: These are the most common financial ratios used by to analyze the finances of contracting companies. Examples are shown using the Balance Sheet and Income Statement above.

HVAC Industry Snapshot: How many HVAC companies are there? What is their average sales volume? How many employees? We answer these questions and more.

The Basics of Leasing: MrHVAC tries to give you a basic understanding of Leasing. We cover basic options, terminology, etc.

Margin Versus Markup: MrHVAC explains the difference between margin and markup. This is a must read as it is a very common mistake that can cost you big.

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