Free Labor Rate Calculation Worksheet

What Is Your Breakeven on Service Labor?

I am on a mission; a mission to help HVAC companies to break even on labor. That’s because most companies are losing money on labor – a lot of money – and they don’t seem to realize it.

Hello. I’m James Leichter (AKA: Mr. HVAC). I’m the man behind this website. I consider myself a service industry expert. I have been in this industry since 1985. I’ve owned two heating and air conditioning companies. I have run thousands of services calls and sold/installed hundreds of HVAC comfort systems. I have also consulting with dozens of HVAC companies all over the USA.

Labor Rate Calculation Worksheet

Free Worksheet

I’ve seen very few companies price their service labor properly. That means many of you are losing money on every hour of service labor sold . . . usually a lot of money! So, we are now on a mission to help managers calculate the cost of providing an hour of labor (labor rate breakeven).

Service labor is the most stressful thing that you provide. If you’re not making money on service labor, then managing your service department can be a demoralizing waste of time. Let us help you.

When it comes to your service department, most companies need to charge four to six times what they pay their service technicians. Most do not. Most owners don’t believe that they need to charge so much. Most owners have an “hourly working man’s” perspective on things and they are flat closed minded to the subject.

Designed By Professionals

With the help of UMKC’s school of business, Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), we created an easy-to-use labor rate breakeven worksheet that anyone can fill out in just minutes. This labor breakeven worksheet was professionally designed to give service managers a good idea of what it takes to provide an hour of labor – for any department. We have worked hard to make this worksheet as simple as possible. There are a lot of weird homemade labor rate calculations methods floating around the internet. You can trust that this worksheet is accurate.

We would be happy to email you our simplified labor breakeven price worksheet. We have included a blank sheet, and example page, and complete detailed instructions on every step. All of this is in a PDF format for easy printing. Remember, this is 100% free. There is nothing to buy and there are no strings of any kind. I want the best for you.

Free Labor Rate Calculator Worksheet Download

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