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Here’s How it Works

The day after you first sign up, then every couple of weeks, we will send you an email that will include a short service contracting management tip, policy, or procedure. We know you’re busy, so each email will be relevant, short, and concise.

We’ll usually throw in a three to four minute video explaining the finer points of the HVAC product, policy or procedure. From time to time, we’ll send you a coupon too.

We will also include a link for a free product or management document download. This document will usually be a fully editable MS Word document that you can keep, edit, and use in your HVAC service or contracting business. We also have some calculators, software, and spreadsheets we’ll share with you.

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7 thoughts on “Free HVAC Downloads and Products

  1. Nikki Boatman says:

    I am very new to Hvac. My husband on the other hand this is his passion. Is there any info you can send me to help me. We just opened a small local Hvac business. And I need help……

  2. Laura Lynn Hansel says:

    I left my postal job to start working for my husbands company. I am the accountant/sales person/ marketer /bid-proposal-quote writer etc.. I plan on taking some courses in HVAC to get more familiar HVAC back ground. What I would like to see is a how to write a proposal. The techniques and wording that should be used. What I have been doing is searching for sample proposals online and just creating mine from the samples. Any suggestions where I could learn this?


    • JamesLeichter says:

      Please sign up for the weekly download/newsletter at the top right of this website. You may also email us with your latest contact information and we will make sure you receive catalogs and other materials as they become available. Thank you very much.

  3. Tim Adair says:

    Just starting out in a new field of work (hvac)after getting certifications, i am trying to make sure i do this right by keeping it enjoyable and profitable.any wisdom you can share will be appreciated

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