Announcing Black Belt Contracting

Have You Heard About Black Belt Contracting?

With the help of our development team, I created a website for contractors to network, share ideas, and get advice from the industry’s top consulting people. The url is

If you were to convert Facebook® into a social networking site for contractors and add an online flat rate pricing system, you would basically have

What Can You Do at

Our idea was to create a business only version of Facebook® and add a powerful crowd sourced flat rate pricing system. Well, we did just that. Many people don’t realize just how many things you can do. Here are some highlights.

Social Networking Side

Join for free
Create a company profile
Create a personal profile
Post comments with attachments
Comment on posts
Like posts
Invite employees to join as members of your company
Control employee access and user rights
Post and share company files with employees*
Create and control your own groups. We call them Dojos.
Invite friends and colleagues to join
Upload to File Board and share pictures, documents and other files*
Receive alerts and notifications
View calendar of events and attend member only events and webinars
Access Aptora’s and Mr. HVAC’s documents, templates, and other valuable resources*
Earn points for usage and participation that lead to color belt promotions
Network with Mr. HVAC some of the contracting industries and top business consultants

Flat Rate Pricing System

Use our Black Belt Flat Rate Pricing system for free
Create flat rate tasks for service, installation, and more
Enter “for technician only” notes to each task
Add pictures and set a presentation default image
Full HTML formatting allows for custom fonts, colors, sizing, and more
Embed videos and add hyperlinks
Add hyperlinks to task options and addons
Add an unlimited number of price columns
Show service agreement discounts
Share flat rate tasks and related information with other users around the world*
Ready-to-use flat rate books are available for purchase (HVAC, plumbing, and electric)
Import default flat rate book templates with sample data
Maintain inventory lists with pictures and pricing
Create and maintain an unlimited number of flat rate books*
Import and export flat rate data*
Export, update pricing, and reimport*
Print flat rate books to PDF
Maintain master vendor lists, manufacturers, items, services and more
Copy items, tasks, and entire books
Allow your employees to access and use your flat rate books
Present and swipe through multiple options
Create good, better, best scenarios
Built a list of possible tasks and display them on a summary page
Include “what you would have saved” on your summary page


Accept payments for your flat rate tasks with PayPal®*
Offer fast decision financing for replacements though Enerbank®*
Print inventory reordering reports so that you can see what sold and replenish stock*


Calculate service and maintenance department labor rates
Calculate installation and new construction department labor rates (using dual overhead)
Calculate payments and create loan amortization schedules

Great Support and Assistance

Access website tutorials
Email technical support and get prompt professional help
Call technical support for help*

*This is a Premium Member feature

I would like to request a favor from you. Since this website is so new, I need a little help getting it going. I really need contractors to sign up and post questions and comments. No one wants to use the website until someone else uses it. It’s the “chicken or the egg first” concept. Basic membership is 100% free.

Please help me out by joining Black Belt Contracting, click here. As a thank you for your assistance, I set up a coupon for worth $25.00 off any purchase. Use coupon code BlackBelt2018 at checkout. This coupon expires on July 31, 2018.