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Mr. HVAC has a long tradition of providing free HVAC documents related business management, sales and marketing, parts and labor pricing, human resources, bookkeeping and accounting, field service management, scheduling and dispatching, performance based compensation, sales commissions, bonuses and incentives, and more. We also provide free heat gain and loss calculators, labor calculators, and other free software.

Please check back often because we have hundreds of resources that we will adding on a regular basis.

Free Break Even Calculator

How Much Do You Need to Charge for Labor, Parts, and Materials? This pricing calculator will determine your breakeven point on parts, materials, equipment, sub-contractors, and labor charges. It will also breakout your overhead by department. Of course, this will indicate your actual net profit for that department. When you enter your desired net profit, your retail price markup […]

Free Conversion Plus Software

Introducing Conversion Plus – It’s FREE! Conversion Plus is a handy and very thorough conversion calculator. It converts metric values to U.S. and vice versa. It also converts many other common values to related values. We made this conversion software just so that we could offer it as a free download. Super easy to use. […]

Free Labor Rate Calculation Worksheet

What Is Your Breakeven on Service Labor? I am on a mission; a mission to help HVAC companies to break even on labor. That’s because most companies are losing money on labor – a lot of money – and they don’t seem to realize it. Hello. I’m James Leichter (AKA: Mr. HVAC). I’m the man […]

HVAC Sales Person Ad

The idea behind this particular ad is to look for service technicians and or installation people who might be looking for a career change. Whether is a sore back or bad knees, many of us realize we can’t service calls and work in crawl spaces forever. These are the type of people this ad is […]

Load Calculation Instructions

Heat Gain & Loss Short Form Instructions These instruction are intended to help you use our HVAC Heat Gain and Heat Loss Calculator located here. Our instructions assume you have some working knowledge of the Heat Gain and Loss process. If not, please see our blog post Heat Gain and Heat Loss Explained. WE CANNOT […]

Announcing Black Belt Contracting

Have You Heard About Black Belt Contracting? With the help of our development team, I created a website for contractors to network, share ideas, and get advice from the industry’s top consulting people. The url is If you were to convert Facebook® into a social networking site for contractors and add an online flat […]

Free HVAC Downloads and Products

Sign up for our free product download using the sign up box on the upper right of this page. We just need your email address. Your first and last name is optional but appreciated. Go ahead and sign up. You can opt out anytime you want and your privacy is protected! Here’s How it Works […]

Free Sales Presentation Resources

We’re glad you decided to take advantage of our free HVAC related sales presentation materials. Click each of the links below. You will find a concise informative article. Each topic usually includes a free download (like a MS Word document or PDF form) and a short YouTube video. We are adding materials, downloads, and videos […]

Free Pricing and Financial Information

Thank you for looking over our free HVAC related pricing and financial documents. Click each of the links below to discover ways to better understand your company’s financial numbers. Each topic generally includes a free download (like a MS Word document or PDF form) and a short YouTube video. We are adding materials, downloads, and videos […]

Free Human Resources

We will be adding more Free Human Resources to this section soon. Do you have any suggestions for us? Please leave a comment. Salesperson Classified Ad This is a pretty good ad that we created a few years back. Many clients have used it. Please have a look and hopefully you will benefit from it […]

Free Management Resources

We will be adding to this shortly. Do you have any suggestions for us? Please leave a comment.  

HVAC Industry Related Links

We are still working on this page. Do you have any suggestions? We would be very interested in exchanging links (link your website to ours). Interested? Please leave a comment or send us a message. HVAC Service and Installation Companies We are currently looking for service companies to add here. Please submit your request below. Educational Websites […]

3 thoughts on “Free HVAC Stuff

  1. Patrice GR Doherty-Bigara says:

    I am a mechanical Engineer trying to get involve in the building industry so
    I will need to produce calculations for heating, ventilation & air conditioning designs as well as other mechanical cal’s
    Is there some template or Mathcad written templates or Excel templates or softwares available. thanks

  2. Dance Boone says:

    need good tech software to input customer name and address, equipment numbers and models and also to add notes by tech, and even take pictures of equipment and problems in the field

    • JamesLeichter says:

      This depends on your budget. I would recommend looking into Aptora’s Total Office Manager with the mobile option. You could also look at Microsoft Dynamics or Desco.

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