Which Trends are Shaping the Future of Field Service Management?

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Today’s competitive scenario effects reflect the need for adopting new technological innovations to stay on top and lead the market. Moreover, it becomes equally important to equip your sales force with a contemporary solution, which can even make its management seamless and boost its productivity.

Companies nowadays have even started strengthening their field force with competent field force tracking applications to monitor their sales team activities and performance. Automating your sales processes not only enables you to track their activities and movement, but also give elevated customer service.

Field Force Automation has numerous business benefits and even helps organizations to win a competitive edge. With the latest evolving technology, the dynamics of field force automation constantly keep on changing.

Till date, we were just introduced to the limited functionalities of best field service management software such as defining their routes, reports generation, tracking executive’s live location, defining their routes, etc. But the latest changing trends will take field service automation to an advanced level. So, let’s throw some light on the latest trends, which experts’ belief will carve its future:

Seamless Connectivity

With the field service management, there is seamless connectivity between the staff, business owners, and customers. The leaders are instantly updated in case there is a problem with the carriage. In case there is a request by a customer, and if there is a delay in delivering products to the staff at the office, this portal can alert the customer of a delay, or even customer themselves can check on the app and calculate how long it will take before the product reaches with the help of GPS.

Similarly, the drivers are alerted of the nearest route to reach their intended destination, which even helps to saves fuel consumption, thus saving the company of extra expenses.

Increased Productivity

Leading agents who work remotely can be so much difficult to predict how effective they are with the work assigned. With the field service management software, you can even determine how efficient and productive your team delivers. This is because, with the help of an app, the agents can easily check what items need to be delivered so as to prevent dispatching wrong items to the wrong individual.

Also, the leaders can give an appointment to the customers and honor them as per their schedule without even feeling worked out; this is one of the pain points in field service.

Cloud-based Data Storage

With the recent leap in the technological advancement, field service management could not have possible to allow a seamless flow of work in a cloud-based portal. In the former year, it was a drudgery of work, but recently the work is becoming much simpler. Phones are designed to operate highly technical software that would even otherwise not have been possible, and huge data can be accessed in the cloud portal.

Thus everyone in the organization gets hold of information and can even provide help when necessary to the fraught customers.

Reduction in Customer Complaints

The complaints of customer are inevitable in the field of service delivery, especially if the tracking is done manually. In order for your business to leverage its success, Field Service Management enables you to automate tasks to your agents in order to reduce customer complaints.

With the help of the app, you can assign field scheduling for construction to assign new tasks to workers who are free to take on new tasks even when you are not on your dashboard. This even reduces the delays in time.

Reduces Costs and Increases Profit

The integration of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and IoT based portal reduces the purchase of hardware and much labor. This saves money for the business.

The power of an app to predict the shortest distance to reach a customer destination, and the right products to be dispatched plus the right person who has the right talent to perform some of the certain tasks with expertise and experience, reduces the cost of production while delivering quality services to the customer. This increases profit to the organization.

Field Service Management is essential if you want to use your business success. Its ability to increase the retention of customer due to stellar service provided, increase profit due to low production cost and its ability to use the AI, IoT and cloud-based technology portal for effective productivity is what you need to take your business to the next level.


More than 90% of the field service executives feel that the need for adapting the service models to customer’s needs. When the field service software solutions have embraced all the trends which are mentioned above and have become tech-savvy, to say the least, field services will be transformed forever.

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