Benefits of Growing Your HVAC Maintenance Program

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As an HVAC service provider, you rely on your customers to make the responsible choice and schedule routine maintenance for their furnace and air conditioner once a year. Repairs and replacements provide a revenue stream as well, but nothing compares to the consistency of maintenance calls.

Because tune-ups are so critical to the success of your business, consider creating or growing a formal HVAC maintenance program to prevent missing out on a huge opportunity. With the right features, both you and your customers can benefit from having an HVAC maintenance membership.

What’s Included in an HVAC Maintenance Membership?

You can tailor your plan to match your business offerings or help you stand out from competitors. An HVAC maintenance membership should help customers save money, keep their heating and cooling systems in good repair, and reduce inconvenient breakdowns. Here are the types of things to include:

  • Deals on maintenance visits: This benefit alone should help your plan pay for itself. Consider lowering the cost of routine maintenance with an affordable monthly or yearly fee to get customers interested in signing up with you.
  • After-hours benefits: It’s reasonable to charge a fee for emergency services, but consider decreasing this or waiving it altogether for maintenance plan members. Free emergency service is a significant perk that gives your customers peace of mind when they need to call after hours.
  • Front-of-the-line service: No one wants to be told they must wait in line for AC repair on a scorching summer afternoon. Show your plan members how much their loyalty means to you by bumping them to the front of the line when they request emergency services.
  • Priority booking when the seasons change: Call your plan members a month or two before the prime time to schedule maintenance and offer to book their services in advance at a convenient time for them.
  • Discounts on repairs, replacements, and upgrades: You might waive diagnostic charges and service fees or offer plan members discounts on new system installation, indoor air quality products, and other HVAC upgrades.
  • Other perks: Shape your maintenance program however you want. Ideas include loyalty perks that reward members for renewing their annual plan and referral credits that benefit new and existing members when they spread the word about your program.

Benefits of Maintenance Programs for HVAC Companies

There’s no doubt that maintenance programs benefit customers, but they can make a big difference for your company as well. Here’s what you stand to gain when you offer the right features and market your plan correctly:

  • Customer retention: When customers sign up for a maintenance program from your company, they do n’t need to shop around. Instead, they come to you for all their routine and emergency HVAC services. This saves your customers time and effort and helps you get more business.
  • Regular and predictable revenue: Customers are usually billed for HVAC maintenance plans monthly or once a year. This predictable income—along with the steady stream of tune-up requests that come with maintenance programs—ensures your company has cash flow during the slow spring and fall seasons.
  • More customer contact: With a maintenance plan, you’re in customers’ homes and businesses more frequently, giving you a chance to mention indoor air quality products or upgrades that improve their indoor comfort and bolster your bottom line.
  • Greater customer loyalty: The more positive experiences you can provide a customer, the better. After all, when you deliver exceptional services to your maintenance program members, again and again, the chance of getting referrals from friends and family increases.
  • Service bundling: Does your HVAC company provide other related services, such as plumbing and electrical work? If you offer a discount to maintenance plan members, they are more likely to think of you when they need these accompanying services. As a result, you become the go-to provider for all your customers’ indoor comfort needs.
  • Warranty coverage: Home and business owners become frustrated if they file a warranty claim for a repair or replacement only to learn that they accidentally voided their warranty by neglecting routine tune-ups. When you advertise your maintenance program, make sure customers know your services are designed to uphold warranty coverage, so they never have to experience this frustration.

Clearly, the right approach to HVAC maintenance plans can contribute substantially to customer satisfaction, referral rates, and ultimately your bottom line. Launch a program today to see the impact it has on your business!

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