Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Vent Cleaning

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Normally, HVAC is considered to be what’s known as an “emergency business” – Meaning someone has an AC or Heater that breaks and they NEED it immediately repaired.  In some parts of the world it would be a true emergency as if a heater broke temperatures could get to lethal levels. 

This is not so in a place like Monterey, CA where my business, All Seasons Heating and Cooling, is located.  Monterey has fantastic weather pretty much all year around.  In fact, this might be one of the worst places in the world to have an HVAC business.  Here, heating and cooling isn’t a necessity, it’s a luxury. 

Dirty HVAC Vent

This is why I have recently been exploring opportunities in the third part of the HVAC business – Ventilation.  It’s a well-known fact that when client’s ducts get dirty this can have an effect on the quality of the air in their home and it can even contribute to allergic reactions or other symptoms.  This can decrease the quality of life of the customer and they may not even be aware of it. 

My brother Shane is a Pharmacist and he recently started asking his patients with asthma and other allergies if they had recently gotten the air ducts cleaned in their houses.  Almost all of them answered no.  One patient decided to have a duct cleaning done and found that there was a layer of mold and dust mite droppings that had been deposited over years or even decades.  After the duct cleaning was done the patient reported that their allergic symptoms had almost completely gone away. 

I have also seen this time and time again and although not all of the evidence is out, I believe that this is a huge problem that most people are completely unaware of – Which is completely different than the other two “emergency business” services we offer.  Where emergency services don’t require much “selling” at all, this service does.  Emergency services are best marketed on google as that’s the first place people go when they have a pressing need.  Whereas vent cleaning is best sold in two different ways:

  1. Interruption Marketing:  This is where you have to make a potential customer aware of a problem they didn’t even know that they had in the first place.  Facebook is a perfect market to advertise this type of marketing on as most people browse Facebook just to pass the time.  Think of Facebook as a big party and google as a business convention or even a store, if you go up to someone and immediately try to sell them something at a party they would think you’re weird and would try to get away as fast as possible.  Google on the other hand, is like a business convention or even a store, people are there to buy and they have intent so they are more open to being sold to.  On Facebook you have to build awareness before you sell someone, so it’s best to not sell directly on Facebook but have a link to a website page or landing page that does the selling. 
  2. Add On:  If you’re already having your technician go to someone’s house to perform routine maintenance on someone’s heater or air conditioner, you could upsell them and do a free ventilation inspection to see if they are in need of a superficial or thorough cleaning of their vent system.  If they are, you can inform them of this, let them know about the potential side effects of not having clean air in the house, and sell them an appropriate service. 

I hope this has helped some of the other contractors out there.  Even if you do live in a place where HVAC is an emergency, you still probably have slow seasons and that’s where duct cleaning and vent cleaning can help you increase revenue, keep your technicians busy, and potentially help a bunch of people in the process. 

Zach Humason, Owner – All Seasons Heating & Cooling

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