Ten Reasons Why You Did Not Get The Sale

  1. Failure to offer financing – specifically low payments.
  2. You did not speak about benefits, you spoke about features.
  3. Failure to ask the customer what they want the product to do.
  4. Failure to address objections.
  5. Failure to identify the customer’ behavioral preferences and adjust accordingly.
  6. You did most of the talking. You should do 15% of the talking and 85% of the listening.
  7. Failure to begin the presentation with a powerful and attention grabbing claim or statement.
  8. You did not use proper vocabulary. See HVAC Grammar School.
  9. You focused on the price of the system and not the value the system brings to the customer.
  10. Failure to understand what we actually offer the customer. Hint: It’ not heating and cooling.