How to Grow Your HVAC Business in a Very Challenging Market

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Small-to-mid size HVAC business owners know that the best customers are those who keep coming back. After all, customer retention is what makes family owned businesses successful. However, keeping the status quo isn’t enough to keep customers coming back for more. Business owners and heating & air conditioning contractors need to perform way above minimum expectations and go the extra mile continuously. Let’s go over some ways to evolve your business in this very competitive market.

Look at the numbers first.

First off, assess your financial goals. Experts recommend HVAC owners to fill out a Dealer Needs Analysis. The Dealer Needs Analysis compares your HVAC business to similar businesses with double-digit profits. The outcomes of the analysis is the stepping stone needed to assess your strength and weakness’s, which opens new doors to either maintain a triumphant industry position or take your business to new heights.

Use downtime wisely.

When you’re busy servicing your customers, the growth of your business can be pushed to the side. Use your downtime wisely by getting involved in community eventsand looking for growth opportunities such as increased training for your staff, new product offerings, and additional locations.

Train well.

HVAC business owners really have to dedicateserious thought on how their technicians respond to customers. One bad experience could lose a potential long-term customer or business relationship. This is why a well-trained staff is paramount for every HVAC business.  Focus on training your heating & air conditioning contractors and you will be able to achieve great heights for your business growth.

Have good time management.

Time management can make or break your relationship with your clients. When you have good time and calendar management, you know where your company staff is, what they’re actually doing, and how well they interact with customers. As a result, you can provide your customers with a more accurate arrival time of your tech or service person.

Look neat, organized and sharp.

An HVAC customer service appointment shouldn’t be as formal as a board meeting, but there should still be consistency in place when it comes to presentation. Your heating & air conditioning contractors could be the best in the world at their job, but showing up disorganized, wearing old, dirty shirts, can create a negative impression among your customers. First impressions count.

Explain the job to your customers.

Encourage heating & air conditioning contractorsto share what they know in a customer-friendly manner. For instance, most customers probably don’t have any idea about certain HVAC terms like condenser coil and load calculation. Your technicians can spend a few minutes explaining how they work to their customers. Improved communication reinforces honesty and competency, which paves the way to better customer service.

Follow up.

When the job is completed, a follow up call to the customer shows that you care about the job performed and their satisfaction. Your customers will understand that your company is concerned about its services, which also provides more opportunities for customer outreach. You can consider including an advertising sale or a discount offer when you follow up.

Simplify your customer feedback and billing process.

After a service call, customers may dread dealing with a pile of time consuming paperwork. After the job is completed, you should know that your customers will most likely just want to pay their bill and get on with their day.This is made easier with mobile technologies that allow online payments and simplify customer feedback acquisition.

Generate leads.

Upon completing a major heating or cooling service, you may consider sending other homeowners within your service area information about the particular HVAC services your business provides. It makes sense if a previous customer in your service area has provided positive customer feedback showing how satisfied they are with your team.

Get involved on social media.

Engage your audience on popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The keyword here is ‘engaging’. Interact with them by providing meaningful content. Be sure that all your social media profiles are not just user-focused, but should also be search engine friendly. Social media has been documented as a powerful tool in marketing HVAC businesses.

With every marketing tactic you implement to grow your HVAC business, having a clear goal and dynamic strategy will help you take your business to greater heights. That’s where successful HVAC business growth starts!


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