Features Versus Benefits

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Heating and air conditioning system features mean nothing to the average client. You must sell benefits, not features. They are interested in WIFM (What’ in it for me?). You must answer this question in order to be successful.

High efficiency Lower operating costs. Decrease environmental problems (one house produces more pollution that two cars).
High SEER rating Lower cooling costs
High AFUE Lower heating costs
Extended Warranty Predictable maintenance costs and inflation protection.
High performance air filtration Cleaner healthier air. Cleaner carpets and drapes. Less dusting and cleaning.
Humidification System Healthier. Reduce dry skin and lips. Protection for fine wood products such as furniture, piano, etc. Lower energy costs (less heat required). No static electrical shock.
Blower door interlock switch Child safety and piece of mind
Galvanized sheet metal Rust resistant
Disconnect Switch Child safety
Set-Back Thermostat Lower energy bills. Enhanced comfort. Extended equipment life.
Insulated duct work More quite operation. Energy savings. Acoustical lining.

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